3 Justifications to Upgrade HVAC Systems

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During the peak winter and summer, when the temperature outside becomes unbearable, HVAC systems help to keep us comfortable and healthy.

However, you might need to contact HVAC contractors in Ogden, Utah, if you feel that your HVAC system is working inefficiently. Read below to learn the signs that indicate your HVAC needs replacement.

Signs that indicate you should replace the HVAC system

  • The energy bills and maintenance costs are increasing gradually. 
  • The HVAC system takes time to blow cool or warm air. 
  • Loud and strange noises disturb the environment, even after repairing it several times. 
  • You are constantly adjusting the thermostat to keep indoors comfortable as per your wish. 
  • You have frequently called HVAC contractors in Ogden, Utahto fix the HVAC issues.  
  • If the repair cost is half the installation cost, and your system is more than ten years old, it’s better to upgrade the system. 

Justifications that will help convince you to replace the HVAC

Here are some reasons why HVAC replacement becomes necessary:

  • Energy consumption  
    If you leave for work in the morning, you may shut down the HVAC system. However, if you spend all day at home, the HVAC system keeps running all day, which increases energy consumption. If your HVAC system is old, the electricity bills will rise significantly because its efficiency decreases as the system gets older.
    To maintain the energy bills, contact Luna Heating and Airthe AC replacement experts in Layton, UT, to check whether it is time for replacement when your HVAC system passes ten years.
  • Home zones
    A zoned area in a home is a specific area or room with its thermostat. You can include a home zone to increase the comfort in that area, or you can remove a zone if you think it is unnecessary in that room. Additionally, maintaining zones can help you regulate the energy bills as you’ll be heating or cooling specific rooms of the house rather than the entire home. 
    Our HVAC technician can help you add or remove zones to maximize comfort and minimize energy bills. 
  • Air quality
    Another essential aspect of upgrading your HVAC system is keeping indoor air quality at optimum levels. As the system ages, its efficiency in cleaning the air and maintaining the humidity levels decreases. Increased humidity or pollutant levels in your house can risk the health of your loved ones. 
    You can maintain indoor air quality by upgrading your HVAC system and installing an air purifier by scheduling a service with our air cleaner experts in Layton.

Bottom line

The best time to schedule a service with our Air Conditioning Repair Ogden, UT, is during the fall and winter. However, if you are thinking of investing in a new heating system, the best time would be the spring and summer months.

To maintain your home’s comfort and air quality, upgrading your HVAC system is the best long term solution. Luna Heating and Air Experts can help you find the best way to upgrade the HVAC system with minimum expense. Call (801)390-9298 to talk to one of our experts!