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Furnace Replacement In Layton, Ogden, Roy, Clinton, Syracuse, UT, and Surrounding Areas

When winter arrives, HVAC owners are concerned about their furnaces, most likely whether they are working correctly or showing any indications of wear and tear that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to know about the current condition of your furnace without getting professional help. We at Luna Heating and Cooling provide professional help to resolve the issues such as furnace replacement Layton, and other HVAC-related services to our customers.

Who are we?

We are a licensed and insured HVAC contractor company owned by a local family providing HVAC services around Weber, Davis & Salt Lake counties with our utmost sincerity for years.

Our services:

We have provided many HVAC services in Roy, Clinton, Layton, Syracuse, UT, and surrounding areas, both residential and commercial. Contact us to schedule the HVAC services mentioned below:

  • Furnace Replacement Ogden
    Furnace Replacement In Ogden, Roy, Clinton, Layton, Syracuse, UT and Surrounding Areas
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  • Best Furnace Repair Layton
  • Furnace Repair Ogden
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  • Furnace Replacement Layton
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Why should you choose us?

Incorporating professionalism with highly evolved technology to satisfy you with our HVAC services. We have listed more reasons why you must choose Luna Heating and Air Conditioning as your HVAC service provider:


We have designed specific guidelines to recruit our trained technicians. As a result, the technicians working under us are skilled, well-behaved, and highly professional, and our customers’ feedback backs that. In any situation, we maintain a high standard of professionalism. We follow the norms that have been well-maintained throughout the years.

Latest technology

Professional services combined with cutting-edge technology can detect any degree of damage in your furnace. HVAC systems require inspections regularly and tune-up to restore the furnace’s performance when it slows down. We advise you to book a schedule for your furnace ahead of time to avoid any disruption in the furnace.

Customer service

Contact us, and our staff will provide you with the information you need to know. In addition, our customer care services are open 24/7, and you will interact with one of our staff. 


Our expertise in delivering services to our customers has been a delightful journey for us. So, why are we the best? We are a team of certified HVAC contractors with the best reviews available for our services. We offer the best price on high-efficiency furnaces and other HVAC devices. You can easily schedule and request an estimate through our site. We give priority to emergencies because we understand you and your discomfort that cannot wait.  

Financing plans

You are financing annual maintenance plans at the best affordable prices, so they will not stretch your budget. You can contact us for Furnace Installation in Ogden to deliver you the exact size of the furnace that fits well. Once we are done placing it, you can consider the annual maintenance plan while providing you with our financing and maintenance policies and help you come across the best plan that meets your requirements.

You can contact us to get the HVAC services provided by us. Luna Heating and Air Conditioning is a team that works together to bring you the best quality services for furnace replacement in Ogden.



Several signs indicate the need for a replacement job for an old furnace:

  • The furnace has crossed its expected age.
  • The increasing number of repair jobs.
  • Extremely poor indoor air quality.
  • Hot and cold pockets.
  • Rusting and cracks on the furnace.

One of the most reputed furnace brands is Goodman. The Goodman furnaces last for more years than the other furnaces, and their maintenance cost is affordable for all financial groups. Other brands like Maytag, Air Ease, and Trane also manufacture trustworthy furnace models.

Yes, a furnace that has crossed 15 years of working needs a replacement as it can threaten the safety of family members, and the money spent on it will not give any returns either. It is best to replace a furnace once it reaches 15 years.

Furnace installation involves various steps which affect the final bill, like:

  • Dismantling the existing furnace.
  • Making modifications in the house like ducts and pipes.
  • Installing a suitable thermostat.
  • Preparing the new system to work.
  • Labor cost

Layton’s time for furnace replacement services depends on how much work the house needs. For example, if the ducts and pipes need upgrades or modifications, the replacement would take 5-6 hours. However, the replacement would end in 3-4 hours without modifications.

Builder-grade furnaces do not offer a high SEER to the owners. The usual SEER for builder-grade furnaces is 13, which means the furnace would work excessively to maintain a comfortable temperature. A builder-grade furnace lasts for 8-12 years if maintained properly.

If the air conditioner is as old as the furnace, replacing them together would be a financially better option for the owners. However, if the air conditioner is new and efficient enough to work for a few more years, replacing only the furnace is suitable.

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