Furnace Repair vs. Furnace Replacement

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Furnace systems are a primary source of heat that makes the indoors comfortable during the winter. However, continuous use can cause the furnace system components to wear down, and the furnace may not function appropriately as it used to in previous years.

If your furnace system is working improperly, it may indicate something is wrong with the system. If you reside in the area, contact a furnace repair service in Layton, so our technician can inspect what is wrong with the furnace.

Situations when repairing the furnace is a better option:

Here are some instances when calling our furnace repair expert in Layton is the better option:

  • Our technician advises you to replace a specific component in the furnace assembly.
  • The repair cost of the furnace system is reasonable and affordable. Moreover, if our technician guarantees that repairing can fix the system, it is better to repair the furnace.
  • If you plan to move out of the residence, it is better to update and repair the furnace system.
  • If you notice a sudden rise in upkeep costs and electricity bills, it is better to call our furnace installation technician in Layton for an inspection.

Situations when replacing the furnace system is a better option:

Here are some instances when calling our HVAC company for furnace replacement in Ogden is the best choice:

  • Old furnace system: A furnace system can keep your indoors comfortable for approximately 15 years with proper annual maintenance. However, keeping a ten-year-old furnace system in your surroundings is inadvisable, as its efficiency and performance decrease gradually.
  • Frequent repairs: If you have contacted the furnace repair expert several times this winter, investing your money in a new heating system is better than spending it on fixing an old one. Moreover, it is advisable to replace the furnace system if the repair costs are half of the installation costs.
  • Increase in electricity bills: An increase in the electricity bills indicates a faulty component in the furnace or the components have worn down. When there is an issue with the furnace components, the furnace consumes more energy to deliver desired results. It is best to call our furnace installation expert in Layton to check what is causing the issue.
  • Airflow issues: Do you feel that some rooms are warm and some are cold even when operating the furnace? It shows airflow issues, mainly in ducts or air registers. Inspect the duct system and ensure there is no leakage or crack in the ducts. If the air registers are unrestricted, it is a furnace issue.
    Strange noises and soot marks: If your furnace makes loud noises while operating and you notice excessive soot marks around the furnace, call our furnace replacement experts in Ogden.
  • Cracked heat exchanger: A heat exchanger is an essential component in the furnace assembly, and repairing a heat exchanger can be expensive. In this case, replacement is a better option in this case.


It is better to replace your aging furnace system that struggles to keep an optimum temperature indoors. If you need more information regarding furnace installation in Layton, Luna Heating and Air Conditioning experts are here! Call (801) 390-9298, and our experts will help you!