How do you prepare your AC for the summer?

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As a local family-owned company, we at Luna heating and air conditioning have made a name with our exceptional products and servicing of air conditioners. Since its inception in 2004, we have built life-long relationships with our clients in Weber, Davis, & Salt Lake Counties.

Importance of Preparing Your Air Conditioners

As we experience seasonal changes and move out of the cold winter months, we understand your requirements for efficient air conditioning systems to keep your homes and offices cool and comfortable during the hot season. In addition, you may consider AC replacement Ogden services for replacing or buying new machines

It is better to prepare your air conditioners before the season sets in. If any faults are left unattended, they will damage the system. In addition, it’s more economical and safe to do a pre-check rather than spend large amounts on breakdowns during the peak season. 

Preparing Your Air Conditioners

However, if you plan to carry on with your existing air conditioners, here are some parts and aspects of ACs that need attention to keep them ready for the summer heat.


The air filters in the ACS must be clean and functional as these improve the cooling capacity of the machines. Filters help clean the air inside your home and increase the airflow as they suck away pollutants and dust. Sometimes the dirt, allergens, and other dust particles clog the filters and affect the functioning of air conditioners. Replace or service the filters; try air cleaner in Ogden.

Outdoor Unit

Similarly, check the outdoor unit of the air conditioners for servicing and repairs—contact air conditioning repair Ogden, UT, to check the oil condenser for any oil debris. Please clean up the area around the outdoor unit and remove any leaves and other foliage, cobwebs, dust, and dirt around it. The outdoor unit must be free of all obstructions so that the machines work efficiently.


The ductwork of the air conditioners is equally essential. Check the ducts and outdoor unit area for obstructions, dust, cobwebs, or plant growth. Inspect the ducts for any tears, cracks, and gaps. Keep the vents free by removing any rugs, carpets, or furniture that may block the ducts and vents. Cracks and tears in the ducts leak out the cool air and reduce the airflow. We offer air cleaner Ogden services to take care of air conditioners’ cleaning and maintenance issues.

Inspection and Servicing

Call in Luna heating & air conditioning specialists to inspect and service your ACs before the summer sets in. Our team of experts for air conditioning repair in Ogden, UT, comes and does a thorough inspection of the machines for cleaning, replacing faulty parts, and servicing so that these work with maximum efficiency.


Our experts check, replace repair, and service all the components of an AC like condenser coils, evaporator coils, condensate drain, air handler, compressors, ducts, blower motors, vents, condenser fan blades, etc.

Get ready for the summer and enjoy the best cooling with your air conditioners. We at Luna heating & air conditioning are there by your side to help you sail through this season. Contact us today and get the best Ductless Installation Ogden, UT.