How Frequently Should an AC System Be Serviced?

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You’ve probably heard that you must schedule routine maintenance for your air conditioner. Regarding the AC installation in Layton, UT, experts advise preventative maintenance to be performed yearly. Regular maintenance on your cooling system will keep you cool and comfortable cost-effectively. The routine HVAC maintenance inspection is the centerpiece of the maintenance contract. 

Your HVAC system should have this twice yearly to ensure it is functioning correctly and maintained. According to AC repair in Ogden experts, preventive checks should be performed twice a year to prolong your heating and cooling system’s lifespan and energy efficiency. Simply put, yearly inspections result in both immediate and long-term financial savings.

When should you schedule your air conditioner's maintenance?

Most AC specialists advise performing at least an annual service for air cleaners in Layton. The technician will thoroughly inspect the unit during servicing to look for any problems, clean the vents and filters, and ensure that the team operates effectively. To cross this thing off your to-do list, it is in your best interest to schedule your annual servicing for the same time each year. 

Schedule your annual AC service a month or two before warm weather arrives in your area. When you schedule your service during this time, you ensure that the AC will function flawlessly when you need it most.

You can take steps to ensure your unit system runs as efficiently as possible in addition to performing an annual air conditioner service. The air filters should ideally be cleaned every two weeks. By doing you increase energy efficiency. 

Given that there are various types of filters and that the amount of clogs they collect depends on usage, consult an expert in air conditioning to determine which filter to use. Some filters can be reused after washing, while others must be replaced with fresh ones. According to AC repair in Ogden experts, if cleaning the filters every two weeks is impossible, at least once a month should suffice.

Benefits of yearly AC maintenance tune-ups:

  • Reduced utility costs
    Your electricity costs will decrease the more effectively your air conditioning unit works. A well-maintained HVAC system uses up to 20% less energy than one that is neglected, according to experts in air cleaners in Layton. And almost half of your entire electric bill is coming from your air conditioner.
  • Increased life span
    According to estimates, an air conditioning system’s lifespan in a home is between 10 and 20 years. However, a well-maintained appliance can last up to 30 years. On the other hand, poorly maintained air conditioners may not even reach their tenth birthday, a significant difference in lifespan.
  • Reduced repair costs
    A knowledgeable and experienced air conditioning technician can identify potentially dangerous conditions early. In addition, preventative maintenance for your system can help to eliminate or reduce the possibility of future expensive repair costs.

AC maintenance checklist

  • Testing the blower
  • Inspecting the engine
  • Examining the drainage line
  • The operating pressures being examined
  • Coil inspection
  • Temperature checks
  • Examining the levels of refrigerant
  • Exploring the connections and supply lines
  • Look into the compressor.
  • Review the coil fins


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