How Your Furnace Can Worsen Your Allergies

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Dust allergies become common with the fall settling in the weather. But do you find yourself sneezing more often as your furnace starts the heat? No, your furnace is not the real culprit for your situation getting worse. Rather, it is all that covers your furnace when it was out of use, i.e., the dust and dander.

The dirt and debris get collected in the heating ducts of your furnace during the warmer months. And as you set to turn on the heat for the first time, the allergens spread into the air through the ductwork. Hence, making your allergies go worse!

However, there are things you can try to keep your furnace affecting your allergies.

Keep up with your furnace maintenance

Proper maintenance and scheduled services help keep up with your home’s air quality and your furnace performance. Therefore, before setting your furnace at a place, get a technician to examine the condition of your system.

While at it, make sure everything from the filters to the air ducts is functioning well and are good to go. This curtains the possibilities of you looking for furnace repair Roy UT, just by the fall.

Invest in an HVAC filter

One way to keep the allergens affecting your health is to clean your filters regularly. But the best is to replace your filters with heating replacement Roy UT and Furnace Installation in Ogden New filters are more efficient at maintaining the quality of the surrounding air.

Concerning this, an HVAC filter can be a smart choice. It eliminates 90 percent of allergens in the air, making it easy for you to breathe without irritation.

Clean the air ducts regularly

It is not just the filters where the dirt collects. Some small particles get accumulated in the air ducts as well. Thus, it is necessary to drive your attention to the latter while keeping up with the maintenance of your heating system. This will help to ease your allergy symptoms and also make your furnace work more efficiently.

However, ensure staying indoors while your technician works to clean the grilles, supply/return ducts, and diffusers of your furnace. More so, clean or vacuum your house once you are done with the process.

Get a Humidifier

Furnaces tend to dry up the air, excavating the moisture content to warm your home surroundings. While this will keep you in comfort from the chills, it might irritate your throat and leave your eyes dry.

Hence, it is recommended to install a humidifier, maintaining a suitable humidity level to avoid aggregating your allergies. However, learn what percent works right for you as high humidity levels can also cause a nuisance. Besides, ensure to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day with a regular intake of water.

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