Should You Repair or Return Your HVAC System?

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HVAC systems are essential as they help maintain the temperature and airflow in the house. However, after several years of usage, it might be time to call our heating repair expert in Layton, UT, for a quick inspection to ensure it is working in proper condition.
Sometimes, there comes a situation where you want to choose between HVAC repair or replacement. It can be tough, but our experts can help you determine the right option.

Whether to choose HVAC repair or replacement?

Here are some elements that will help you figure out which option will be cost-effective in the longer run:

  • Age
    An HVAC system can work effectively up to a certain age; after that, you might need to replace it. On average, HVAC systems are designed to work for approximately 15 years; however, some might fail after 7-8 years due to improper maintenance.
    Annual maintenance services can help, but you can avoid the possibility of a replacement. Moreover, making hefty repairs does not make sense if your system is old enough for a replacement. That’s why it is better to contact our reliable HVAC contractor in Layton, UT if your HVAC system is old enough.
  • Repairs
    It is better to switch to a different system for an HVAC system that requires frequent repair services to work the entire season efficiently. Moreover, if the repair cost is around half the installation cost, it is best to install a new HVAC system.
    In the case of a water heater, it is best to call our water heater installation expert in Ogden, UT, if there is any rust on the system.
  • Efficiency
    Another essential aspect is whether your HVAC system is efficient enough. There are high-efficiency HVAC models in the market that can help you save on electricity bills. High-efficiency models consume little energy to deliver high-quality services.
    If you think that your existing HVAC system is inefficient enough, it may be best to call our HVAC contractor in Layton, UT, for an installation quote.
  • Utility bills
    The electricity bills are supposed to rise a little, but if there is a massive difference between the previous month’s and the current month’s bill, consider calling our heating repair expert in Layton, UT, for an inspection. Moreover, you should consider a replacement if the HVAC system’s upkeep cost gradually increases.
  • Functioning
    If you think that even after several repair calls, the HVAC system cannot perform efficiently like it used to, it is better to switch to a new one.

HVAC problems indicate it is time to replace the system!

If your home still faces the following problems, it is better to invest your money in a new system rather than repairing the old one:

  • The HVAC system takes time to reach the desired temperature.
  • Inadequate heat or cooling in the room, you need to set the thermostat at extreme temperatures.
  • HVAC systems produce noises during operation that disturb your environment.
  • Airflow problems


It is better to consult our professional water heater installation Layton, UT, before deciding anything and jumping to a conclusion. If you are looking for a professional to help you decide whether you should repair your malfunctioning HVAC system or replace it, Luna Heating and Air Conditioning experts will help you.

Call (801) 390-9298, and our experts will help resolve your queries regarding HVAC issues or water heater installation services in Ogden, UT.