Simple Tips To Prepare Your HVAC System This Winter

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The winter season is about to begin, and it is time to take your furnace system out and keep the air conditioning system aside. However, you can not simply switch off the air conditioning system and take out the furnace system to prepare for winter. 

You should contact a reliable Ductwork Installation Layton, UT, for HVAC maintenance to prepare your home to face the harsh winters. Preparing your HVAC system is essential to face the winters because it might lose efficiency or be damaged due to snow or blizzard. 

DIY tips to prepare your HVAC system and home to face the winters!

AC repair experts in Ogden have some tips that you can use to keep your HVAC system efficient throughout the winter:

  • Cover the AC system outdoor unit.
    The outdoor unit contains a compressor and condenser that helps process the refrigerant to deliver cool air to your home.
    That’s why, in the autumn, take some time to clean the AC outdoor unit. Remove the debris, clean the dirt from the components, and vacuum the unit’s interior. After cleaning, cover the AC outdoor unit with a plastic wrapper or trap to ensure the debris from outside does not damage the unit structure.
  • Clean the surroundings
    It is essential to clear the clutter to ensure that nothing damages the outdoor unit. During a thunderstorm, some branches may fall on the outdoor unit, or fallen leaves may get stuck inside the system and affect the HVAC functioning. That’s why AC installation experts in Layton, UT, recommend removing objects and clearing the surroundings up to five feet of the outdoor unit.
  • Replace the heating system’s air filter.
    An air filter is vital in any HVAC assembly as it helps maintain airflow and indoor air quality. You can afford to use a dirty air filter as it might risk the health of your loved ones and increases the risk of HVAC breakdown.
  • Switch on the heating system and test it.
    Switching on the system before the use is best to ensure it functions effectively and safely. All you need to notice are the strange things that differ from the HVAC system’s functioning or make you question its reliability.
  • Check the vents and registers.
    Some people block the vents and registers to increase their savings. However, it does turn out like that. Forcefully restricting the vents can cause the HVAC system to work harder and increase the bills.
    AC installation experts in Layton, UT, recommend that homeowners clean the vents and registers with a brush. Moreover, visually inspect the duct system to find any gaps or leakage from the air that can escape.

You should call an AC repair expert in Ogden if you notice the following things:

  • The circuit breaker trips down as you switch on the system. 
  • Strange noises and weird burning odors. 
  • Carbon detector alarms go off. 
  • Airflow issues cause some rooms to remain cold. 
  • The heating system takes time to warm indoors. 

Bottom line,

It is better to schedule a professional maintenance service by HVAC contractors in Ogden, Utah, to get your system inspected and repaired. Call Luna Heating and Air Conditioning experts at (801)390-9298 to schedule a service today!