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Your home should be prepared for the warmer months by completing home inspections and maintenance checklists. Whether examining your regular or vacation homes, following this advice will help you avoid system breakdowns and other inconveniences, such as AC repair in Layton.

During the warmest months of the year, your home could be at risk from various potential natural disasters. The easiest method to avoid spending significant amounts of money on home repairs is to practice preventative maintenance and address problems as they emerge.

The following is an inspection and maintenance checklist for your summer home:

  • Verify that the air conditioner is operational
    Check the operation of the air conditioning equipment and keep an eye out for any subtle warning signs, such as rusting inside the unit. The unit may become inoperable if any impediments, such as trees, bushes, or plants, are discovered near the air conditioner.
  • The filters should be thoroughly cleaned.
    By routinely cleaning your furnace’s filter, you can limit the quantity of dust that builds in your home. This will also make it simple to maintain the ideal temperature in your home and keep the air cleaner in Layton.
  • Examine the walls’ temperature.
    You should examine the wall temperature to determine if it is above average. Wall temperatures may also indicate whether the foundation has been weakened. If you discover that one of your home’s walls is abnormally warm to the touch, this could tell that your home’s insulation is inadequate. Next, examine the doors and locks to ensure they can be shut and locked correctly. This will also help you locate a suitable site for AC installation in Layton, UT.
  • Examine the outdoor faucets and other fittings.
    Filters should be replaced in broken faucet heads. After each use, the traps should be cleaned or replaced. Examine the paint for signs of flaking or peeling. There is a possibility that you require some touch-ups or a new coat. If you wish to hire a professional, you should schedule the project for the spring so that it may be completed by the end of the summer.

Investigate the roof:

The top is one of the most important and complex structure’s to evaluate. First, consider the most recent time the roof was repaired or replaced. If it is over two decades old, you may consider replacing it. Next, observe peeling shingles, which indicate a rotten roof that may require quick repair.

Eliminate unwanted pests:

Check your residence’s walls, floors, and ceilings for holes more significant than a one-eighth inch. If these openings exist, pests such as raccoons, snakes, and insects can get entry to your property.

Keep close-by bushes, shrubs, and trees maintained so they do not act as a pathway for intruders. This will prevent any property damage. To prevent your yard from becoming a haven for unwelcome guests, regularly mow it and remove any accumulated debris.


After reviewing our comprehensive summer home maintenance checklist, it is time to prepare your home for the upcoming warm season. Contact Luna Heating & Air for all air conditioners and HVAC systems services.