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There are various things that homeowners can do to keep the air conditioner in their home or office in good working order. However, you can disrupt your air conditioner’s performance if it isn’t maintained, so you’ll need a professional HVAC Contractors Ogden Utah.

How Should I Look After My Air Conditioner System?

1. Cleaning your Air Filter

An air filter prevents particles such as dirt and dust from entering your home. An air filter can only function if it is clean and free of excess particulate matter. Changing the air filter is arguably the most important thing to keep your air conditioner in good working order.

2. Examine the Drain

The condensate drain is a necessary component of any AC, but it can become clogged over time, causing drainage problems. First, check that the condensate drain regularly drains water to keep your air conditioner in good working order. Then, unclog the obstruction or contact your local air conditioning company for air conditioning repair Ogden, UT.

3. Maintaining Room Temperature

Maintaining a higher room temperature in your home reduces your electricity consumption. In addition, it benefits those who prefer cooler temperatures because the unit slows down its cooling unit once the room temperature is set.

4. Taking Care of Your Air Vents

Because centralized air conditioners are used in large spaces and buildings, they are prone to collecting dust in the ducts over time. Therefore, you must clean air vents regularly to avoid clogging and keep the air quality clean.

5. Professional Servicing

We recommend having a professional AC Installation in Layton, UT, once every six months for best results, whether you have a modern split-type unit, classic window-type air conditioner, or a massive central air conditioning system.

6. Examine the Fins

A condenser and an evaporator both have fins. The fins can bend over time, resulting in insufficient airflow. Check your AC’s fins regularly to ensure they haven’t bent and are still functioning correctly. If you notice your fins are bending, fix the problem or hire a professional air conditioning technician.

7. Taking Care of Your Outdoor Unit

The inflow and outflow of air are handled by an outdoor unit on every air conditioner. The air circulates within the unit, cooling the room, while the air outflow exhausts the warm air to the outside unit. As a result, you may notice a gust of hot air coming from outdoor vents and why outdoor units require the same level of maintenance as indoor air conditioners.

8. Treatment with Chemicals

Chemically clean your unit once a year with the help of a professional. The chemical cleaner also prevents rust and other damages to your unit’s internal components. 

9. Maintain the Coils’ Cleanliness

Air conditioning coils are essential to your air conditioning system because they help refrigerants absorb heat and cool your home. But, first, keep them clean; you can begin by clearing any debris from the area around the condenser unit.

We can’t imagine surviving the sweltering summer heat without air conditioning. We should maintain our air conditioners ourselves or with the assistance of professionals to keep them running at peak performance. Contact Luna heating and air conditioning today at  or drop us a mail to schedule an appointment for an Ductless Replacement Layton UT