What air filter should I use for my air conditioner?

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Health is a priority for most people. We see this being true, especially after the recent COVID pandemic. But, do you know indoor air is one of the reasons why we get sick sometimes?

Is your family also showing symptoms of poor indoor air quality? Then, you need the help of an air cleaner in Layton to balance the indoor air quality and keep your family members healthy!

How to Check Whether My Indoor Air is Unhealthy? 

An indoor air quality technician will conduct the tests, and the result will highlight the air quality status of your home. Here are some ways suggested by our AC repair in Ogden that will help you know whether it is time to consult an indoor air quality expert or not:

  • Staying indoors feels suffocating
  • You feel uncomfortable even when the HVAC system is running.
  • Headaches, sore throat, skin, and eye irritation issues
  • Musty smell and mold in the surroundings.

The Solution To Keeping The Indoor Air Clean

The Solution To Keeping The Indoor Air Healthy Lies In The Proper Ventilation Of Air In The Household. When There Is No Movement Or Exchange Of Air, Then The Problem Starts To Increase.

Another reason, according to the AC replacement in Layton, UT, that degrades the air quality is the HVAC system. Air passes through the HVAC system several times, and if the HVAC system is dirty, it brings dust and pollutant particles into the household.

An Air Filter Helps To Clean The Air And Keep The Surroundings Healthy!

The Solution To The Problems Lies In Fixing The Root Cause, And If The Reason Is The HVAC System, You Need To Invest In Maintenance Services And A High-Class Air Filter.

Just like to buy the perfect HVAC system, we suggest you consider the SEER rating. The AC replacement in Layton, UT, recommends looking at the MERV rating while purchasing the air filter.

MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Valve) Rating measures the capability of different air filters to capture and eliminate pollutant particles between 0.3-10 microns. For home environment purposes, it is better to buy an air filter rating between 8-10.

You Can Choose The Perfect One For Your Home Because Several Types Of Air Filters Are Available!

Different air filter technology is available at the AC repair in Ogden, but are they perfect for you? Let’s find out!

  • Conventional fiberglass filters are the disposal and affordable filters best to keep away the dust.
  • Pleated fiberglass filters are more efficient because densely woven material blocks the pollutant away.
  • Electrostatic air filters eliminate the allergens creating a static charge.
  • Electronic air filters have a pre-filter to remove the dust and are placed on a wall and connected to a power source to eliminate the pathogens.
  • Carbon air filters are effective for commercial HVAC systems as they keep the environment fresh.

Fancy air filters like UV and HEPA methodology are available but interfere with the AC refrigeration and cause air circulation problems. So, consider them only when one of your family members is highly sensitive to allergies or dust particles.

Contact Luna’s Heating and Air Conditioning’s air cleaner in Layton if you want to inspect the indoor air or buy a new air filter!