Why should I get an AC tune-up?

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Preparing your AC before the heatwave of summer approaches is essential. The summer season in Ogden becomes hard to bear when you neglect AC installation in Ogden. About 95° F or sometimes 98° F is usual in Ogden. 

One should prepare the AC to save oneself from the heat. Therefore, you should schedule an AC tune-up annually to prepare your AC for the summer. A tune-up service starts with an AC inspection of the entire unit, including internal and external components. 

After AC inspection, other processes like cleaning, fault repair, lubrication, and AC performance verification come. Once you get your AC tuned up, you get a more efficient air conditioning unit.

5 Advantages of AC unit

  • Longer AC life expectancy 
    Central air conditioning unit has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, and a mini-split AC can last up to 30 years. If we want our air conditioning to last until the warranty expires or more than the warranty period, we should get our AC serviced. 
    Due to continuous use, our AC starts breaking down, and a tune-up works as a power booster for the air conditioning unit. Unfortunately, the AC will trouble you with multiple malfunctions When you avoid annual tune-up.
  • An end to repetitive repairs
    The outside heat level keeps increasing and entering our home. On the other hand, our air conditioning unit increases the cooling effect and competes with the increasing heat. 
    If we get it tuned up, it will have the capacity to compete with the heat without any pause, but if we don’t get it serviced, it will malfunction frequently, and you will need repetitive AC repairs in Ogden.
  • Prevention against early wear and tear
    A tune-up service unclogs the clogged components, lubricates the jammed parts, and repairs minor faults. In this way, it prevents the AC faults from extending more. 
    In simple words, an AC tune-up prevents premature wear and tear. You will have to look for a new AC installation in Ogden before the warranty expires when you neglect the annual tune-up.
  • High cooling efficiency 
    A serviced air conditioning unit gets cleaned during Tune-up. Because of the cleaner inside, you get better air quality and high cooling efficiency. Thus, you can make your air conditioning experience better by servicing it.
  • Low energy consumption 
    By scheduling a tune-up service, you will not only get high energy efficiency, but also your AC will consume energy within the limit. 
    It feels good when your conditioning unit consumes electricity concerning its SEER ratings. The tune-up service takes care of your pocket by saving money on utility bills.


A tune-up will not be helpful if you schedule it once every two or three years. It is beneficial to schedule an AC tune-up twice a year, before and after the summer season. If you need an AC tune-up, AC repair, or air cleaner service in Ogden, trust Luna Heating and Air Conditioning for all HVAC services. 

We have been serving in the HVAC industry since 2014. We are a licensed HVAC company that cares about your comfort. You will get a budget-friendly solution and complete satisfaction by scheduling our service. Call us at (801) 390-9298 to schedule service with Luna heating and air conditioning.